Powerful Features

Seamless Integration

Tired of using a specific plug-in just to manage newsletter subscriptions? Thanks to Mailup For Gravity Forms, you only need a few clicks and all the forms on your site become access points to increase your subscribers!

Double Opt-In

Automatically send a double opt-in message to ensure only legitimate subscribers are added to your MailUp mailing lists.

Custom Fields

Populate MailUp custom fields from form field data. When a subscriber fills out a form, Gravity Forms automatically sends their information to your MailUp fields. Really awesome!

Groups & Conditional Logic

Register new subscribers to one or more groups on your Mailup list, thanks to integration with the conditional logic system of Gravity Forms.


30-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

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Personal Plan
49 € / year
  • Usage on 1 Site
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Automatic Updates
  • Standard Support
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Biggest Savings
Professional Plan
99 € / year
  • Usage on 3 Site
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Automatic Updates
  • Standard Support
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Agency Plan
149 € / year
  • Unlimited Sites
  • Unlimited Forms
  • Automatic Updates
  • Priority Support
  • 12 - 24 hour Response Time
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Yes, to use this plugin you need to have a MailUp account. You can request a MailUp subscription by clicking here. The purchase of the MailUp for Gravity Forms plugin is not linked to the activation of the MailUp account.

A Basic License of Gravity Forms is what you need to get started with this plugin. Find out more about the available licenses by clicking here. The purchase of the MailUp for Gravity Forms plugin is not linked to the activation of the Gravity Forms license.

The plugin is compatible with WordPress Multisite but you need to use a license for each child site.

I recommend removing the previous version and installing the new one.

Support is currently provided via email or chat. Questions are generally answered within 12 hours (priority support) or 72 hours (standard support), with the exception of weekends and holidays. I answer questions related to the plugin, its usage and provide minor customization guidance. I cannot guarantee support for questions which include custom theme code, MailUp issues or 3rd party plugin conflicts & compatibility.

Still have questions?

If your question is not listed here, then please consult the docs section or chat with us.


You can install the plugin by uploading the zip file through WordPress Admin dashboard or by uploading the extracted file through FTP/SFTP.

Installing through WordPress Admin

  1. Go to ‘Plugins’ → ‘Add New’.
  2. Click ‘Upload Plugin’.
  3. Upload ‘MailUp for Gravity Forms’ plugin zip file.
  4. And lastly, activate it after the upload is complete.

Uploading the plugin through FTP/SFTP

  1. Extract the zip file to your local directory.
  2. Login to your server through FTP/SFTP. If you don’t have any access to your server. You should ask your hosting provider for your ftp details.
  3. Upload the extracted file to /wp-content/plugins/
  4. Go to ‘Plugins’ and activate the ‘MailUp for Gravity Forms’.

And you are now all set!



  1. Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. On the left side navigation menu, hover over Forms and click on Settings.
  3. From the General Settings page, click the MailUp tab.
  4. Click Request Authorization and follow the instructions of the MailUp server.
  5. Once your status is marked as Authorized, you’re ready to begin creating a feed for the MailUp for Gravity Forms extension.


Before the MailUp for Gravity Forms extension can be used with Gravity Forms, you will first need to create a feed. A feed simply allows form submission data to be sent to another source. In this instance, form data being sent to MailUp.

Create a Feed

To create a feed to MailUp using the MailUp for Gravity Forms extension, do the following from your WordPress Admin Dashboard:

  1. Click on Forms in the left side menu.
  2. Select the form that you want to use with MailUp.
  3. Once within your desired form, hover over Settings and click on MailUp.
  4. Click Add New to create a new feed. You will be presented with the MailUp feed settings screen.

Override MailUp Fields

Hook to select whether empty mapped fields should override existing values on MailUp; defaults to override.

add_filter('gform_mailup_override_empty_fields', '__return_false' );

Change Args before submission

Hook to allow args to be changed before sending submission to MailUp

add_filter( 'gform_mailup_args_pre_subscribe', 'override_mailup_params', 10, 4 );

function override_mailup_params( $params, $form, $entry, $feed ) {
        // do stuff

        return $params;

Why can’t i save my feed?

If your MailUp list has more than 100 groups and your feed is not saved, it may be due to a PHP configuration of the server hosting your website. Try checking for PHP errors (if you have access to the server) or installing the Query Monitor plugin to see if something is wrong.

Probably the max_input_vars variable needs to be reconfigured with a higher value to allow the feed saving system to work!